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Retired Elves

The Elves shown here have filfilled their duty as Santa's little spy.   Many have received honors from Santa for a job or jobs well done.   While their magic is gone for the most part, on Christmas day they all get it back for a short time to fly to the North Pole for the big Christmas Celebration.  It is always a fun time for all to share stories from the past and see old friends.  Here are a few of their stories.



Retired Elf:   Jack 

Jack was very good at his job as Santa’s little spy or scout elf.   He was sent by Santa to help two brothers get along better.  After Jack arrived at his post, not only did the boys start getting along better, the whole family did.  The boys would eagerly race out of bed every morning to find him in his new spot.   Jack made sure to hide sometimes in the boy’s bedroom and play with their toys.


Retired Elf:   Woodstock

 Woodstock was adopted by a family with 8 kids so he had to listen very well and keep his eyes open so he could report back to Santa, all that he had seen and heard.   Lucky for Woodstock, there were a lot of great hiding places for him to return to.  He was like a teacher showing that reading was fun and sharing was a good thing.  Santa was so proud of Woodstock because the children quickly behaved with sudden unique sweetness. Woodstock is the highest ranked retired Elf.



Retired Elf:  Eve

 Eve is a tiny little elf but has a huge personality and loves to dress up with lace and jewelry.  She went to live with a family that had just lost their mother as an emergency request by Santa.   Eve took her job very seriously and worked hard to bring some Joy back to a family during a troubling time.  She would carefully choose some pretty things to help the children remember their mom and have some smiles too.


Retired Elf:   Jackson

 Now Jackson was a joyful Elf and quite the prankster, always into something.   It was a good thing because he brought many smiles by doing this.   Just before Christmas one year, a little girl came stood in front of him with a frown on her face.  She told him that she didn’t have a gift for her Dad for Christmas.   The next morning she found a note written on a small piece of torn paper.   Look under your bed, Santa sent you something for you to give your dad for Christmas but you must wrap it yourself, and remember, this is our little secret.



Retired Elf:  Zippy

 Zippy was so fast flying back and forth from the North Pole.   He would report to Santa and hurry back so he could play and have some fun.   He was always hugging a Barbie but his elf girlfriend Pixie would sometimes get a little mad at him.   But she couldn’t stay mad long because he was the most loveable Elf ever, sometimes bringing Pixie back a shining shooting star – he told her that he spent time with Barbie to help the little girl see him because she was almost blind, he would also ring the bell on his hat every morning when she was close.


Retired Elf:   George

 George was adopted by a family way back in the 1950’s.   He always felt special because he was chosen by the family rather than ordered by Santa to go somewhere.  It was exciting waiting for his magic to appear.  This took a little time because his family took almost a week to give him a name.  They were trying to decide between two names, George or Franklin…  He was awaken by his family saying, “George is his name”……  George he thought, “what a GREAT name I have”.